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Main Features

The novelty of Certa Catheter™ is an integrated curved needle-catheter system. The catheter is attached to the needle tail and the system therefore works like a suture with skin entrance and exit holes. Certa Catheter™ allows ultrasound guided in-plane visualization during the whole procedure and fine-tuning of initial placement by pulling either end of the catheter. Furthermore, it allows in-plane readjustment of the catheter at any time point. Clinical study results have confirmed high visibility1 allowing correct positioning of the catheter, with almost 100% success rate in placement2 and low displacement rates.


1. Tuyakov, B. et al., Continuous peripheral nerve block (CPNB) with the use of Certa Catheter™. Case series, Presented at the 35th Annual ESRA Congress 2016, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

2. Lyngeraa, T. S. et al., Primary placement and secondary repositioning of a new suture-method catheter for continuous adductor canal block, Presented at the 35th Annual ESRA Congress 2016, Maastricht, The Netherlands.


About The Technique

The below animation is presenting the technique of Certa Catheter™ placement.

Note: The above animation presents a technique where one of the possible positions of Certa Catheter™ in close proximity to the nerve is obtained. Depending on human anatomy and nerve accessibility it might be more relevant to place the catheter following a path perpendicular or parallel to the nerve and passing above or below the nerve. It is always a clinician's decision how to place the catheter. Please refer to the Instructions for Use of Certa Catheter™.


Advantages of Certa Catheter™

The unique design of the Certa Catheter™

The below illustration shows the unique design of Certa Catheter™:

A) Curved needle

B) Hub

C) Hub Luer lock connector

D) Catheter

E) Catheter Luer lock connector

F) Local anaesthetic delivery orifices

G) Echogenic markings


Simple, precise and reliable method for getting the catheter into the right position
Perfect visibility under ultrasound guidance

Certa Catheter™ is developed with echogenic markings that are visible under ultrasound guidance. The anaesthetic delivery orifices are positioned just at the end of the echogenic markings. The needle is highly visible under ultrasound guidance since it is more parallel to the ultrasound probe due to its curved shape.

Optimal initial placement

When Certa Catheter™ is placed near the nerve under ultrasound guidance, the position of anaesthetic delivery orifices can be adjusted in both directions by pulling either end of the catheter to reach optimal initial placement.

Reliable – designed for less dislodgement

Certa Catheter™ is designed like a suture avoiding secondary migration of a catheter tip. Certa Catheter™ is uniquely secured in both ends; entry and exit sites. This minimizes the risk for dislodgement.

This leads to:

  • No catheter tip migration into blood vessels

  • No backflow as needle is slightly thinner than the catheter

  • Fewer and coherent steps in the procedure


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