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Addressing pain associated with surgery is a cornerstone in optimising patient outcomes. However, achieving prolonged analgesia after painful surgery is a persistent challenge.

Certa Catheter™, a novel concept within continuous peripheral nerve block, is developed by Ferrosan Medical Devices from the idea of Danish anaesthesiologists and their wish to improve clinical practice for their patients.

Certa Catheter™ utilises the concept of a curved needle with the catheter attached to the tail of the needle so it is placed like a suture with an entry and an exit hole. The catheter is highly visible on ultrasound and its position can be placed precisely at the target nerve. Since the Certa Catheter™ is anchored in both ends and has a larger diameter than the needle the dislocation rate is low. Furthermore, Certa Catheter™ can be repositioned in case of dislodgement. Certa Catheter™ thus aims at addressing the most important clinical challenge with traditional catheters, which have failure rates of up to 40%1,2.

Clinical results from a retrospective case series3 show that Certa Catheter™ has very high visibility allowing correct positioning of the catheter. Certa Catheter™ was used successfully and safely with good clinical performance. Also clinical results were obtained in a trial where Certa Catheter™ was inserted in the adductor canal4. The conclusion from this trial was that Certa Catheter™ can be placed with almost 100% success rate and low displacement rates. In case of displacement, Certa Catheter™ can be repositioned. 

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